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Giveaway – Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton

April 1, 2020

I went on a lovely holiday over Christmas break.  Our hotel had something like this month’ s giveaway.  While I longed for the ocean, sun and sand when I returned home, this month’s prize was a close second to being missed.  I really wanted to put this up as a giveaway in February but some thought it might not be ass appropriate ass some of our other giveaways.  If I can’t do it now with TP shortages, I’m never going to do it!  You’ll use 80% less toilet paper and be cleaner (in our new world of sanitizers and Lysol wipes, cleanliness is on everyone’s minds).

First Club Member who emails [email protected] with “I’m an Ass-tonishing Human.  I’m Cleaning my Finances!” will receive their own Tushy Spa.  Save your ass, health, money and time!

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