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About Blue Copper

BCC started lending in 2006 and has grown to initiate thousands of loans annually throughout Western Canada. We endeavour to deliver customized service the same way we did 10 years ago. We offer loans for as small as $100 and as much as $100,000. Our success comes from helping our clients with the right amount of funding, at the right time, and at a reasonable rate.

The Blue Copper Club

At Blue Copper Capital we pride ourselves on offering a personal touch. We are proud to announce the launch of Blue Copper Club. Blue Copper Club members gain access to considerably lower fees and much greater flexibility on amounts and term durations than conventional payday loan offerings. In addition to saving on loans, members enjoy complimentary educational materials, tips, and courses related to money management, and exciting thank you gifts such as movie tickets or tickets to sporting events all for one low monthly fee.

What Does the Club Include?

Blue Copper Club members enjoy a wide variety of benefits including:

Lower Cost of Borrowing

As a Blue Copper Club Member you are able to borrow what you need when you need it. Club members enjoy a preferred rate of only $0.15 per day per $100 borrowed, regardless of term. It’s your loan written your way.

Money Management

Blue Copper Capital is much more than a loans company. We work hard to create lasting relationships with our clients built on trust and to help all of our clients achieve their financial goals. The Blue Copper Club offers exclusive access to a variety of money management presentations and events that cover everything from better budgeting to planning for the future. Handling money responsibly is a skill that anyone can learn, and we are here to lend a hand.

Entertainment &
Lifestyle Packages

In today’s world, we often miss out on activities due to financial constraints. That’s why Blue Copper Club Members gain access to exclusive gifts such as movie passes or tickets for local sporting events.

Who is Right For Our Club Lite Line of Credit

Our Club Lite Line of Credit that gives you access to $100 – $500 depending on the amount you’ve been approved for. It’s wonderful for someone who may have had no credit and wants to build it or someone who has bad credit and wants to rebuild it. Club Lite is for the person interested in learning  budgeting and planning for their minimum payment to be automatically withdrawn from their account on the 21st of every month. It’s a superior alternative to taking a payday loan if you take three or more payday loans a year.

Who is Right for Our Club Blue and Club Copper Lines of Credit

These tend to be for people who either have an excellent relationship and history with us or is a new client who has stability with their job, residence, banking and/or their current credit bureau. It gives access to funds of anywhere from $501 – $5000, depending on approval. It’s easy to see what funds you have access to from the statements you receive whenever you make payments, take draws or have your minimum payment withdrawn on the 21st of every month. You’re able to have easy access to funds and make purchases happen the day you need them with no waiting. A text or call to the office and five minutes later, an e-transfer is sent once you’ve been approved for the Club.

Membership Benefits

Blue Copper Club members enjoy a wide range of benefits. From preferred interest rates to money management courses and tips. As an added bonus Blue Copper Club members are eligible for free gifts that can range from movie tickets to tickets to local sporting events.

We understand this program is so revolutionary that it might require a bit more of a personal touch. We’re always here to help. Call us for more information.

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Blue Copper Club Membership Pricing

Blue Copper Club members monthly fees start as low as $6 to gain access to:

  • Preferential fees and interest rates;
  • Exclusive money management educational materials, tips, and events;
  • No charge lifestyle events.
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Comparing Regular Payday Lending Rate to the Club's Rates

Pay Back Day
Day 0
Day 5
Day 14
Day 31
Day 42
Pay Day Loans
$ 1000 Loan
$ 150.00
$ 150.00
$ 150.00
$ 150.00
Blue Copper Club
$ 1000 Loan
$ 7.50
$ 21.00
$ 46.50
$ 63.00

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