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Blue Copper Capital staff Sam Malbeuf

When asked if I wanted to right a blog for our company website, I jumped at the opportunity!!

The reason I was so excited to write this is because of how strongly I feel that Blue Copper Capital is a great company to do business with and work for! So, here is my story of how I found and became a part of a great organization as first a customer and then an employee.

I walked through the doors of Blue Copper Capital six years ago. My first interaction with the company was for a loan to buy this super cute Coach purse that was on sale at Cross Iron Mills . My interactions from that point on were nothing short of wonderful. Even in my less than shining moments, feeling like I had no one to turn to in these situations of distress or desperation, I knew I could always turn to Blue Copper. Albeit my first visit was a guilty pleasure, other times life and circumstances beyond my control happened. They may not have been able to help me every time but if they couldn’t they helped me with some of the best advice or even just a kind word of wisdom.  There was never a time that I came in here or sent Dave one of my SOS messages that I was made to feel judged or looked down upon – that’s the absolute truth. 

Fast forward a few years later.  I was talking to Dave and there was an opportunity for me to work for him.  That, to me, was like winning the lottery. Not only did I lean on Blue Copper Capital in those times of need but now I had the chance to work with the people I held in such high regard. I ran out of my previous employers’ door and came crashing through these ones!! Taking that leap was by far the best thing I have ever done!

After working here for two years, we started what is the “Blue Copper Club”. Among the many products we offer and that I personally believe in, this was something that I could and would endorse for all time. After much testing for need and interest with current clients, the club was born.  

Reflecting back on the past six years, I can speak with confidence in saying that BCC has been very instrumental in my path for personal and financial growth. My husband Ryan and I are now able to apply for conventional credit without the dreaded “sorry your credit score is just not what we are looking for.”  I have learned the importance of credit, how to fix and maintain it, what is a need and a want (slow down on the purse purchases) and, most of all, don’t bite off more than you can chew.


Purse Lover Sam

Written by Jen Chen

Jen has been with Blue Copper since 2010. She had a prior life in recruiting and sales. Jen was excited about Dave’s vision (not too many people can say that about their ex) of getting people out of the payday loan cycle and being able to help clients who other companies might not give a chance to. She was pleased that she was allowed to use her gut, heart and common sense instead of only looking at the beacon score on a credit bureau. Jen is excited to offer a unique lending experience where the loans delivered lead to a better life for clients.

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