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Giveaway – Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton

March 1, 2020

VancouverYou’ve proven to be durable through the pandemic. Now you have a new durable Cuisinart BBQ Set.  Quarantine?  No problem.  You can barbecue for months with these babies.  Be the first to respond to [email protected] with “I’m Reliable And Strong”  and these tools are yours. 

Calgary Your friends and family light up your heart and these 10 Solar Walk Lights will light up your garden.  Be the first to respond to [email protected] with “I Shine My Light” to add to your next outdoor party’s ambience.  Keep on shining your light in this world!

EdmontonMaster Chef Portable Charcoal Grill with Charcoal Briquets, Charcoal Lighter and Brush.  Portable so it’s awesome for camping or helping someone out in quarantine.  Take it to them, BBQ and leave fresh burgers on their doorstep.  They can enjoy the show and smell from their window.  Charcoal can be used as a filter and as a catalyst.  Be the first to respond to [email protected] with “I’m A Catalyst For Positive Change In Our World”

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